Sunday, August 13, 2006

how it works

To use mushpup, you need three things:

1. your msw (mushpup secret word)
This is your master password. It doesn't have to be super long or super complex. But it should be distinctive and use both numbers and letters. Don't write it down. Don't utter it. This is the one thing you absolutely have to remember. But with this one password and mushpup, you can create as many unique secure passwords as you need.

2. your mushpup number
This should be a number between 8 and 16. This will be the length of your passwords. Don't worry about how long it

3. your mushpup side
Are you a lefty? A righty? Or maybe you like to go straight down the middle. Pick a side and be loyal to it. When you enter your password, this is the side you'll copy

an example (click on image for larger view)

When you enter your msw into the mushpup form with the location, you'll get a hash back like the one above. If I was a righty and my mushpup number was 8, I would copy the 8 character at the right end of the password. So in this example, my password would be: "QlPQKawe"

With mushpup notation, you can even put a reminder right on your webpage. In this case, my reminder might be:

m{this.domain > msw}r8

click here for more information on how to use mushpup notation


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