Saturday, September 09, 2006

file and folder backups with 7-zip

7-Zip is a great zip program (or, technically, file archiver), not least because it's open source and free. It works nicely with mushpup and gmail to back-up important data and documents, too.

7-Zip allows you to add a password to your archive or zipped folder. This is where mushpup comes in. With mushpup, I just use the file's name in the site box along with my usual mushpup secret word. Then I compress the file, login to gmail, attach it to a message, and send it to myself. I include a reminder in mushpup notation to myself in the body of the email:

m{this.file > msw}m12

7-Zip does a great job compressing text files, which is nice for my writing and web design work. It wasn't much help on media files since those are already pretty much compressed to the max. But it also allows you to break up your archive into multiple parts, so you can break up your bigger files in 9-10 MB parts and email each part to yourself.

A neat package all around.


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